4 Months Home…

So this is a few days late. It happens with 3 crazy little guys running around and life day to day. I took the photos on the actual right day though, just took me awhile to get around to typing this out.


We are doing well. I feel like we have settled in and kind of know what to expect and seeing small progress each day and can anticipate what’s coming. Edric’s speech is opening up, he has started repeating and imitating a lot of what he hears. The other morning Clint went in to wake him up and as he woke up he said “chocolate snack?”. I think it was the first time he put two words together on his own. Unfortunately Clint did not let him have a chocolate snack for breakfast. It has been good for Clint and I to step back and really focus on what we are saying and how we are interacting with him and language and remembering that while he is in a 2 ½ year old body, he’s only processing and speaking at a 12 month level. We have started going to toddler story time at the library too to help with other exposures to words and books and group settings outside of our home. It is hard not to see it as “toddler germ fest” at times, but I know it’s good for him.

Discipline is coming along as well. We’ve started using a lot of time ins, which is when we take him and sit him in our laps and hold him there for a few and talk about his behavior and why it is not ok. He still tends to resort to hitting the boys (primarily Caedmon) when he gets frustrated and doesn’t get his way. I think it will help a lot when he can say more and communicate more of how he is feeling and not have to resort to hitting or demonstrating his frustration in that manner. It has to be hard being 2 ½ with big emotions, not being able to express or have the words to share those feelings, and not understanding what is going on all mixed in.


This next weekend Clint and I are going to venture out on our first date alone since Edric came home. We aren’t going far (likely a run and to lunch), but at least away for a couple of hours. My parents are going to come and watch the boys and Edric seems to be fairly comfortable with them. I think having the older two being super excited about it will help a lot as well. I’m sure there will be tears and I’m anticipating a little back slide in behavior but these are small steps at a time.

His smile is super contagious and his face lights up at times. His eyes even seem to smile. And when it seems like we have so far to go and it seems impossible I look back and remember where we have come and how well and how brave he has been through all of it. And so we keep plugging along.