It’s Five Minute Friday time again. Each week a single word is given and then it is open to anyone to write on for 5 minutes and then share that with others. It’s good practice, stretches me as a writer and kind of fun. This week’s word is VISIT.

So here it goes:

As an ER doctor I think of the word visit a lot. People visit my ER every day and every night. Some are there with severe pain, some are very sick, some are just afraid that something serious is going on, some actually have something serious going on, some visit because it is their only access to health care, some visit wanting something fixed, some visit willingly and some visit unwillingly. And I see them all, and it is my job to sort through each and treat each and care for each.

And each person’s visit may be totally different. For one visit I might repair something that is broken. I might find a heart attack in one, cancer in another, and a simple cold in the third.

I love the ER because the door is always open. Morning, noon, night. We are ready for you to visit at anytime and with whatever you have. It doesn’t matter if you can pay, doesn’t matter if you have recently showered or what you are wearing or where you live or don’t live. The doors are open and ready for you to visit at anytime. And I will care for you, I may not be able to give you everything that you want, but I will care for you and treat what I can.

And while no one wants to visit the ER, we are always ready for your visit.

And there we go, my timer went off.


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