Edric’s 13th Package

Wow, it’s actually his 15th if you include the birthday and the Christmas ones we’ve sent. I’m ready to have my little boy home and not sending packages in zip lock baggies (even though I am SOOO thankful for the families that take them over for me when they go to meet their little ones). I’m ready to be the one packing up packages to take over. And actually if I could have it my way, there wouldn’t be little ones without families….but we live in a broken world and these little ones are coming from broken places and I can only pray that healing happens with each new family that is made.

And so while I wait I plan out things to send. I spent a good long time working on a project to send in his February package and while doing that I realized that I hadn’t shown everyone what was in his January package. It’s still chilly in Seoul and even though I included a number of sweaters and warm things in the Christmas and December packages, I couldn’t pass up sending this cute sweater and overalls. And I know I’ve wondered if he likes his packages or if the things fit, last month we got photos of Edric in his fuzzy hat with the biggest grin on his face which totally made me walk around with a silly grin all day.


I found this DUPLO set of farm animals and thought that he might like playing with that. Leighton and Caedmon have been obsessed with construction trucks and I thought I’d start introducing him with the little dump truck.


I made all the boys’ baby food, so these squeeze foods and yogurt melts are a whole new experience for me. It kind of seems like I’m sending him astronaut food, but in spinach/mango/pear flavor. I also included a little thing of lotion for foster mom.


And actually by the time I got all that folded up and put in, there wasn’t any room for any thing else. So here’s package 13. Waiting and trusting that he’ll be in my arms soon…..