Edric’s 11th Package

So I’m a little behind (maybe because I haven’t blogged for a couple of months?) and I have some catching up to do. This blog is called “Hiking Mommy” and I do actually have some hikes to blog about (with and without kids), but those will come in the days to come. Today I’m catching everyone up on the package we sent Edric in October.

In the September package Clint and I did a recordable story, and so decided to do one with the boys’ help for the October package. I use the term “help” loosely. We did have fun with it and the boys enjoyed “helping” and getting to record their voices and I’m hoping Edric enjoys hearing his brothers read the poems/prayers to him as he goes through the book.


It is starting to cool off in Korea and so I included a little sleeper and a polo shirt. I actually got the polo shirt for Leighton 4 years ago on a super sale and both boys have worn it and it is still (surprisingly) in great shape so I hope the Edric enjoys wearing it as well.


We added a little elephant puzzle as well as a couple more tools from the tool set. Not all the tools could fit in one package so we’ve slowly been sending pieces with each package, by December he should have a complete tool set.


I added a little toothbrush as his progress reports each month show that he has more and more teeth and a couple little bottles of baby shampoo. If Korea is anything like here then the winter can get very very dry and so I added a little thing of lotion for Foster Mom. Have you ever tried to shop for lotion for someone that you don’t know? Or for that matter, shop for anything? I’m not very good at it and worry that it won’t be something that she likes and usually get pretty stressed about the whole thing. Hopefully the lotion was ok.


I added a bunch of photos a lot from a drive/walk we took when the leaves were changing and some of the boys and us just playing around the yard. One of these days I’ll remember to pick up a little photo album to send so that Foster Mom doesn’t have 800 gazillion photos of us scattered all over her house. I pray that they help though with the transition and that he will recognize us when the time comes.


And yes, I may have had to duct tape the zip lock baggie shut….At least it was pretty duct tape. It’s hard being limited on space, so I did what I needed to do.