Top Secret Adventures

I know we are only a couple of weeks into this homeschool adventure, but we are really enjoying it and I am really liking our curriculum.

But that being said, I found something that we started doing on Friday afternoons to finish up the week and work towards all week. It’s from Highlights, and it’s called “Top Secret Adventures”. In it there you pretend that you are a top secret agent and solve puzzles to find the crook, what was stolen, and where it is hidden. Each month you travel to a new country for a new adventure and new puzzles.

One of the things that I like about it is that in order to solve the puzzles you have to learn about the country. You have to ready through a book that is specific to the country and comes with the packet of info and learn about the history, language, traditions, landmarks, geography and everything in between in order to solve the different puzzles.

Another thing is that it takes awhile to work through. This is nice because it means we can work on a little bit each week and by the end of the month finish it, just in time for the next month’s adventure to arrive. The puzzles and reading are too advanced for Leighton (kindergarten) to do on his own, but that gives me a good excuse to curl up in our reading nook and dive into the adventure together. We are doing China this month and have learned a lot and have fun. All week long when he’s is kind of dragging his feet a bit, I can say “we got to get this done so that on Friday we can do our adventure”.

Anyway we’ve had a lot of fun with it, and I think Highlights has something similar with the different states, so if you are looking for a little something to work towards each week or break up the day to day, check it out.