First Week Down!

We had our first week of homeschooling! It was actually last week, and I’m a few days behind getting around to writing this, but super excited about how well it went.

I have to be honest and say that I was nervous about how it was going to go and if we were going to like it and if Leighton would respond well and how I’d do at keeping Caedmon occupied and entertained while teaching. I think all my worry was for naught, which is not something new…and I was kind of amazed at how well we fell into a routine and got going.

Both boys working on their "journal"
Both boys working on their “journal”

It’s been fun to know what Leighton is learning each day and carry those conversations on and throughout the day as we see different things or encounter other things during our day.

I’m really happy with our curriculum so far, I like how it engages Leighton and is easy enough for me to follow and add too.

Clint and I are doing a pretty good job at communicating and switching back and forth. I taught 4 of the 5 days last week, I had to work on Wednesday, and Clint has the first 3 days this week because I’m working nights. The curriculum makes it easy to know where to leave off and for the next person to pick up. We’ve been able to talk about what works for each of us, and have learned that Leighton tends to stay a little more focused when I’m the one teaching and less so with Clint, but we’re figuring out good strategies.

Caedmon doesn’t really seem to notice or care that we are teaching and doing school, he likes to hop up and color a picture while Leighton works on his journal each morning and then is quick to pull some toys into the classroom to play with while we go about our day. I’ve been able to get Leighton started on something and then I can get down on the ground and play and interact with Caedmon while Leighton is working which has worked really well.


Caedmon set his train up in the classroom
Caedmon set his train up in the classroom

I really like the flexibility with it. We had the opportunity to meet up with some friends last Tuesday at the park and so we did a little school in the morning, went and played and swam with our friends, and then when we came home while Caedmon was sleeping Leighton and I were able to finish out the rest of our school work that day. Fridays tend to be a little lighter as well, so we can move things around as needed. We also were able to do some work outside after taking a break and running around the yard.


A little outdoor math
A little outdoor math with my laundry drying in the background

Right now this is a really good fit for our family. I don’t know what the future holds, but I am excited and blessed by the opportunity to teach and be with my boys and spend the family time together right now.