Homeschool Ready…

Yes, we are officially ready for homeschool, curriculum bought, books sorted and organized, school supplies ready, too many blogs and forums to count visited and researched. We are ready.

Good thing we have over a month before we are actually starting. I like to be prepared. And ready. And maybe I’m a bit crazy. Oh well.

But in reality I think we are ready. There are a gazillion different curriculums out there to choose from and there is a right one and a right style for each family and for each child. And homeschool is not for everyone and that’s ok. For us, at least for this year, it’s the right decision.



We chose Sonlight as our base curriculum, Leighton will be doing Core A, Intro to the World, with an emphasis on the different cultures. We are going to cover everything from the beginning of time, to Ancient Greece and Rome, to the Medieval times, China, and the World Wars. For Language Arts he is actually going to do the 1st grade Language Arts program from Sonlight. He was in-between the two and so we cheated and have been doing the Kindergarten Language Arts this spring and summer during Caedmon’s nap time. I’m glad we did that, I don’t think the Kindergarten LA would have challenged him enough this next year, but I appreciate the foundation that it has laid this spring. For Science we are sticking with Sonlight again, and going to cover Biology, Botany, and Physics. 

We’ve chosen Singapore Math for our math. I’m going to start in the Kindergarten books but I think a lot of it he knows and so after getting that foundation good and solid we will move up from there. I don’t have a formal Handwriting program for the year, he’s been doing A Reason For Handwriting Kindergarten level this spring and doing well with it, but I didn’t feel he was quite ready for the 1st grade level (more so, I didn’t think he would be ready for cursive to start the following year). And so I’ve found some worksheets that have good practice and will rein-force what he needs and help his penmanship get better. 

From those base subjects, I’ve got ideas for Notebooking each day which I’m really looking forward to. We are also going to work on Korean as our foreign language. I don’t expect any of us to be fluent, but to have a basic working knowledge of some basic words (colors, food, toys, animals, family members) and I think it might help ease some of the transition with Edric when he comes home. Also I’d like to preserve that part of his culture for him when he’s old enough. Throw in some PE, Music and Art and I think we’ve got a fairly well rounded curriculum. 

It’s all a little crazy and I know we will have our good days and not so good days, but I’m looking forward to this adventure. At least we are ready. Now we just have to wait….