Adoption Timeline

So to catch everyone up on where we are in the adoption process. It feels like its been a long time already. And it has, but in all honestly we still have a long ways to go. One of the adoption moms made the following file. Its a PDF but I’m not technical enough to figure out how to load that in to this, so I just took a photo, so I apologize if its not the clearest…


We have the first date filled in at the very top. The one before Number 1. We accepted our referral on December 23rd. So while we’re on the paper we’re not even in the real process yet. If I could guess, we’ll be at number 1 sometime this fall. I’d love it if it was this summer, but I have to be honest with what I’ve heard about how things are moving. There is still a chance that Edric JoonSoo will be home with us for his 2nd birthday next spring. Its a big unknown. I wish I knew more and could say, but I don’t. And so while my heart hopes, my mind is also cautious and reserved knowing that with each passing day my little one is growing bigger. But I do know that someday all these lines will be filled in and we’ll be on a flight home for good. And so its one day at a time.