Edric’s 4th Package

So I know that Edric has at least gotten his first package because the photos we got last week from his 10 month visit showed him wearing the little blue coat that we sent. He was also smiling which just warmed my heart!

On to package number four. This one is actually going to be taken over by our agency next week when they all travel over to Seoul to visit with all of the waiting children. I have learned that the best part of these visits is that while they are there, all the foster moms bring in the little ones and we will get a video of him. I am really looking forward to that!

For his 4th package I picked up a couple of little t-shirts for him. I got Caedmon matching ones as well. I found a couple little books as well when I was out running errands. The two little cars we have had for awhile and are in good shape and never played with. At least they weren’t played with until I pulled them out last week to get the package ready. Caedmon then took great interest in them. As he was rolling them over the floor I told him “You can play with those but mommy is going to send those to Baby Edric”. He stood up, picked up both cars and ran (as best as a almost 2 year old can) up the stairs and to the hallway outside our bedroom where we have all the baby photos from each of the boys (including Edric) hanging up. He stood there, looked up at Edric’s photo and held up the cars to him. It was priceless.

I found a couple of sippy cups at the store and added those to the package as well. And what boy doesn’t like a ball or two? They are soft plastic so hopefully they don’t break anything at foster mom’s house. Although I’m guessing at 10 months he can’t throw real hard yet.

One of the other adoption moms reccommended sending a zip drive over for the foster mom that she can load pictures on. I don’t know if she will actually use it, but I would love to have as many photos from these first number of months that we won’t otherwise get if possible.

 IMG_7798  IMG_7799  IMG_7800

When I put it all in the zip lock baggie I had extra room at the top and so I stuffed an extra summer hat in. Edric actually has a normal (even small) size head based on all the info we have gotten, unlike his two brothers who were born with enormous melons (ie at less then 2 years Caedmon’s head is only 1.5 inches small than mine….).