Room Transformation

Clint and I have made the decision to home school Leighton next year for Kindergarten. There’s a whole post (or more) as to our decisions and reasons for that, but the main one comes down to realizing that they grow terribly fast and I want to maximize the time that I get to spend with the boys before this time is gone. They are super impressionable and vulnerable at this age and I want to guide them as they grow as much as possible. I didn’t want my interactions with them to be limited to the craziness of getting everyone ready and out the door every morning and getting through the chaos of each evening routine with dinner and homework and activities. We’re going to take each year one at a time and not make any long term plans, likely by the time they have a solid foundation in who they are around middle school they will go back to one of the excellent public schools in our area. But until then, we need a room to do schooling in.

We have moved both boys into one bedroom together with the anticipation of Edric coming home and joining them in that room. We have been told that little ones coming home have often never slept in a room by themselves and made the decision to put all three in together. So far it has been working great, we’ll see how things go when we add one more to the chaos.

And so that left the other bedroom to make into our classroom. It took a few weeks of deciding what I wanted to do with that, but after looking at a lot of options and planning things out in my head, I think we’ve come up with a good plan.

We haven’t gotten much done yet, but it’s a work in progress. Clint painted the room last weekend.

I made some curtains for the windows. I didn’t know what I wanted and so I spent some time wandering around the fabric store and this material caught my eye and I fell in 3 copy

photo 4(1)

And finally we’ve transformed the closet into a reading 2 copy

There are still shelves to hang and desks to make and all sorts of finishing touches to go in, but the process is started, I’ll keep you posted as more gets done.