Dear Little One-Part 3

Dear Little One-

It is cold outside today. There is fresh fallen snow on the ground and the air is brisk and I can see my breath when I breathe. When the temperature warms up above 10 degrees or so in the next couple of days we’ll head outside and build a snowman and snow fort. The boys will be very good at building those by the time you come home so I know that they will love to teach you how. I think I’d better get pretty good and making snow balls because with the three of you boys I might be in trouble.

I’m looking forward to getting a referral hopefully soon, so that I can put your little face with the name and emotions in my heart. I look forward to sending you a little winter coat in your first care package because I have heard that the winters in Seoul are chilly too. I have the coat all pulled out, it’s blue and fuzzy and has little bear ears on the hood. Caedmon wore it last year so I know it’s going to be the right size.

We need to ask Honey (what Leighton and Caedmon call Grandma) about making you a little stocking to hang up.  We put the tree up last week and we put a little tree in the room that you will share with the boys. I realize that it is probably going to be more than a year until we can bring you home, which means we will celebrate and put up another tree next Christmas before you are home. That seems so far away.

Yet as I drove Leighton to gymnastics this morning and looked out at the blue sky and the mountains covered in snow, I know that the same sky stretches way over to where you are at. And I know that the God that place it there is watching over you and will keep you safe and secure until we can bring you home. And trust me, we will have a great big snow fight with plenty of laughter and warm hugs and hot chocolate at the end.


With Love,