Fellow Friends

We had the opportunity to get together with some friends from college the other night for dinner at their house. We have the unique relationship with them that even though it’s been a number of months since we last had the chance to get together we are able to pick up and start talking like it’s only been a few days.

Their lives and our lives have some unique similarities. Both of us couples had had time during our relationships before getting married of being long distance. We were actually married within a few weeks of each other. Andy they have two boys and so they are all too familiar with the craziness and energy that that takes each and every day.

The other unique thing that we share with them is that we are both on adoption journeys. They are in the process of adopting a little girl from Africa. Like only someone who is going through the same thing can understand what it feels like to have your heart stretched across the ocean and the constant unknown and uncertainty of the whole process.

They understand the questions that we have asked ourselves about raising a multi-racial family, and the fears that go with that and the unknowns. They understand how somedays the little one is heavy on my mind and how somedays I am thankful for the energy and distraction of my two boys. They understand the uneasiness of waiting for the phone to ring and the many days that go by without a sound. They understand and relate to fully letting your heart love and hope for the little one a world away and yet trying to guard it at the same time because it might not all work. They understand the tension and frustration with our own as well as foreign governments and while trying to be respectful knowing that they are the thing standing between us and the missing part of our hearts and family. They understand why somedays I just feel like crying.

However with as much as we share and travel this crazy path together and ask ourselves time and time again “Am I just crazy for doing this?” I can’t wait to walk along side them as we both get to bring our little ones home and bring that part of the adventure to a close and have our hearts be full again.