Deep Soul Stirrings

I got home last Saturday morning from a gorgeous morning bike ride with two dear friends and had a deep stirring in my soul. More on that in a few minutes. As I mentioned the bike ride was gorgeous, we road west with the sun coming up behind us making the morning mountains reflect the pink and orange of that first light, and with the moon setting behind them and the golden of the autumn leaves all around it was breath taking. The other thing taking my breath away was the fact that it was 35 degrees. I had just about thawed out when we finished our breakfast just in time to hop back on our bikes and head home. Luckily the sun was not only up then but also working and making the air a little warmer (all of 45 degrees!)

bike ride

But as far as that stirring deep in my soul. Every woman has felt it. It moves all of us, sometimes more than once a year. It’s that deep desire to move furniture. As I told my husband my plans for the morning (which not only included rearranging our bedroom but also both of the boys’ rooms) I told him that I thought I inherited my desire to rearrange furniture from my mom. He told me “No, all women everywhere inherited this from the first cave woman who grunted and told her cave husband “Smaug, move that rock over there” and it’s been happening ever since”.

And so we moved furniture. Which by the way is a ton of fun with a four year old and 18 month old climbing in and out of and jumping off the various pieces that you are lugging around. We bought our house a little over two years ago and everything is painted a light khaki color. It took me over a year to decide on painting the first room, and over this past year more colors have begun to crop up in our house and its beginning to look like a home instead of just a house. I usually make very quick decisions (which is kind of important as an ER doctor…) except when deciding on decorating rooms. But when I do finally decide what I want, I usually want it done yesterday. So our room is finally starting to come together and look like a bedroom!

On to the boys’ rooms. When we did our homestudy, our social worker recommended putting all the boys or at least Edric in with one of the boys when we bring him home. Often in Korea the little ones have never slept alone and usually have slept on a futon with their foster mom, so putting them in a dark room by themselves would be traumatic. We talked with Leighton awhile back about moving the boys into a room together and then making the other room a “reading room” with all the books and comfy pillows for reading and relaxing. He told us “don’t worry mommy, if Edric gets scared in the night when he gets home, I will get out of my bunk bed and go and give him a paci and let him know everything is going to be OK”. I love his little heart.

And so since we were moving furniture, I thought, why not put both boys in a room together now? That way Leighton and Caedmon are well use to sleeping together so when we bring Edric home, it won’t be a big deal (especially since it may still be a long while till we get to do that). After taking the bunk beds apart and moving Caedmon’s crib all around we finally got everything settled. Now I just have to decide on pain and decorations for their room too…

We were both a little nervous about how the sleeping in the same room with the two of them would go. The first night they went down great and both slept all night. Sunday afternoon we put Caedmon down for his nap and spent a little one on one time with Leighton and then got ready to put him down. He went down great and all was quiet for about an hour. Then we heard Caedmon start to scream and so Clint ran to the room and got Leighton out and Caedmon fell right back to sleep. I asked Leighton if he had started to talk or what woke Caedmon up to which he answered “No I didn’t talk, but Bhodi (his stuffed elephant from the zoo) decided that he should sing the B-I-B-L-E song really loud”

Lovely, I didn’t know the stuffed elephant could sing, let alone knew the words to the song from Sunday school. Needless to say, we had a little talk about how if one of his stuffed animals feels like he needs to talk or sing, then Leighton needs to leave the room with his animal so that Caedmon can keep sleeping. Since then all the animals have been quiet and the boys have loved sharing a room. And I’ve had no more deep soul stirrings to move furniture…now it’s just to get some paint and color on the walls.