Copy Cat

Caedmon has reached the age where he likes to do what he sees the rest of us doing. I remember this stage with Leighton, but it seems more pronounced and apparent with Caedmon, perhaps because he has a bigger brother that he is following and imitating.

One of the areas that I have seen this “copy cat” behavior in is with sun screen. I put sunscreen on the boys just about every morning, that way I know that they have it on and I don’t have to worry about it later. I like the spray sunscreen for their bodies because its quick and easy. When I spray Leighton with the sunscreen he runs away screaming and giggling. In the past month, Caedmon will find the bottle of sun screen and bring it up to me. If I spray it (or pretend to), he runs away giggling and screaming just like he’s seen Leighton do. It cracks me up.

He’s just started doing something else and it has taken me a few days to figure out what it is that he is copying. In the evenings we often wrestle and play on the ground and inevitably the boys climb on my back. A few nights ago I was laying on my stomach and Caedmon came up to me and lifted the back of my shirt and picked up the back of my shorts and said “uh oh”. It finally clicked yesterday when I was changing his diaper and as I lifted his legs up to pull the diaper out I said “uh oh, you are stinky”. Then it made sense, he thinks he’s changing my diaper and telling me that I’m stinky when I’m laying there. It’s so funny.


One thing that this has reminded me this week is that the boys are watching and learning from everything that I do, good or bad. They see my bad attitudes and frustration moments and how I handle those, they see me take the extra step to be kind to someone too. There’s an old song that plays every now and then on the radio, and its written by a dad and it talks about how he wants to be just like Jesus because his little boy wants to be just like him. It is so humbling when I see my bad attitudes and actions get displayed in smaller form in one of my boys. I’m not going to ever be perfect and going to make a ton of mistakes, but I want to always remember that I have little eyes watching me and little minds that are being shaped by my actions, and may it be my prayer each day, “Lord I want to be just like you, because they want to be just like me”.