Thank you sir…

Dear Sir-

I’m sure this wasn’t your dream profession when you were little. It may be something you are doing in-between jobs, it may be something to pay the bills, or it’s just a job that needs to get done and you happen to be the one to do it.

At times I bet you are embarrassed to admit to others what you do.

I imagine you often feel ignored and shunned by the rest of us. While what you do is important and we would all notice if you didn’t do it, it’s one of those that we like to look over and pretend that it doesn’t really exist.

I’m not sure that your mom brags about what you do to her lady friends in the hair parlor while they all get their hair done each month. It might be one of those things that your dad avoids talking to you about.

When you walk into a place at the end of the day, everyone gives you a look, your job goes with you and is obvious to all those you encounter. And no one wants to be near you because of it.

However, I want you to know, to my boys you are a hero.

Their eternal clocks have been set to your arriving. They know somehow and start to listen Thursday afternoons after lunch for your arrival.

When they first hear the noise, they turn to me with anticipation and joy in their eyes. They rush to get their shoes on so we can go and sit in the front yard and wait and watch for your arrival.

trash truck1

They have learned to time the sounds of you moving through the neighborhood to when you will arrive at our house. They sit in anticipation and wait patiently as you come up the road.

trash truck2

They watch solemnly as you do your job, and then wave as you drive off again. They watch you go down the road and stand until they can no longer see you, and then with a sigh and a shrug of the shoulders they look back up at me as if to say “it’s only a week away until we see him again”.

And so we slowly trudge back to the backyard, thanking you for coming again this week, Mr Trash Man, we’ll stand out and wave at you again next week.

trash truck3

Adoption Update

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated everyone as to where we are at. I wish I had more to report. We are waiting for a referral for a little boy. Right now because everything got so back logged when adoptions in Korea froze up for about 8 months last year, referrals are coming slowly because they are working through the mess that was created. In good news, the courts are working and things are beginning to move. I’ve been following some blogs and stories of people who are farther along in the process and there are some families who have been in Korea this past week meeting their little ones and going to court. It has been encouraging to read their stories and joys during this time of waiting.

In my best guess, I am thinking that we will have our referral around Christmas/New Years and then will likely be able to travel to go to court and then bring him home in late spring/early summer of 2015. It seems forever away and I’m praying that things move quicker, but trying to brace my heart for the wait. Ultimately I have to remember that God’s timing will be perfect and I have to hold fast to that.

In exciting news, we will be doing a fundraiser to help raise some of the massive cost, during October. We have been planning this for a couple of months, so please stay tuned and more details will come!