Homeschool Adventure Continues

Wow we are 16 weeks into this crazy adventure otherwise known as homeschooling. And it’s going really well. I’m loving the time we get to spend as a family and we’ve fallen into a pretty good routine. I was worried about Caedmon and what to do with a 2 year old while I tried to […]


On The Same Page

We are 3 weeks into this homeschooling adventure. All in all I think it is going pretty well. Leighton is loving it and Caedmon is having fun playing with trains or reading or whatever during the class time and I am learning how to balance my attention between the two of them. Clint and I […]


Standing on the Edge

Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow we start the new adventure of homeschooling. I think I’m ready. I’ve pulled out all the books and such for the first week, I’ve looked over the plans for the week, I’ve gotten the calendar ready and even wrote out a little schedule on the white board to help me […]