1 Year Since A First Meeting…

This month is going to be a lot of Korea, a lot of milestones, and such on the blog so get ready….

A year ago today (minus the time change which really makes it a year ago yesterday evening…but whatever), Clint and I made our way across Seoul on the subway to our agency and met Paxton and his sweet foster mom for the first time. I will always remember walking into the room where they were waiting and foster mom bringing Paxton over and having him bow to both Clint and I. It was the cutest little bow I have ever seen and he was just adorable.

The hour that we had to play went by far to quickly, but he warmed up to us pretty quickly and I am so thankful that we had another family that was there for court as well take photos for us. While an hour is far too short we did learn a lot about his little personality and just how easy going and loveable he is. I don’t think I ever shared those photos publicly so here is a small set of some of them. It would take a little over a month for us to get final approval and take custody, but that first meeting was so sweet and will always be remembered