Coppelia-5 Months Home!

These past few days have been filled with mile stones. On Thursday the 21st we celebrated Coppelia being home for 5 months. It is amazing how far she has come in so short amount of time. It is been fun to watch her get more comfortable and get to know her and her personality.
Her physical strength has come leaps and bounds, she is doing physical therapy twice a month and I think between that and chasing her 4 brothers around she has just grown so much. Sometimes I forget that she could only walk a couple steps before loosing balance and falling over just a few short months ago.

Her language is coming as well. She has taken to signing and we are trying to keep up and give her signs, but she has also started using some words which has been fun to see. She is still behind and she has a ways to go but she is growing and learning so much. In the midst of her learning we are learning and seeing a bit of her stubbornness. At times she will refuse to sign something that we know she can sign and communicate and will even hide her hands behind her back. Makes me laugh a little at her stubbornness. 

Lately she has been preferring daddy over me but she is bonding with both of us. She adores all her brothers and as is expected with 4 bigger brothers holds her own with cars and trucks and balls. Playing with water is one of her favorite things and we’ve had a few cooler early fall days and so I’ve had a tough time explaining to her that we cannot play with water when it is only 53 degrees outside.

This girl loves her food, and she seems to like just about everything. She also loves to get water and ice out of the fridge. We have had to hide the step stool otherwise she spends a good portion of her day getting ice and water out of the fridge door. She does like to clean up her messes though which is good. 

Days are crazy and we are exhausted every night but we are so thankful to have Coppelia as part of our family! Excited to learn more and more and get to know her more with each passing day.