Preliminary Approval!!!!

Yes! We got the email today, we have preliminary approval for our adoption from Judge Lee! In recent months it has been taking 13-19 days to get preliminary approval and today we got it in just 8 days post court! We are super excited!


The next step is final approval. We are entering a 14 day final waiting period and then final approval will be issued. Most of the time it takes 14-16 days with time changes and all, so I’m hoping we will hear on or around September 14th. After that we are free to make our travel plans and head back to Korea to take custody and get Edric’s Visa and bring him home!

It has been a journey of many days and many miles, and while part of it is just a few weeks away from the end, the real journey to becoming a family of 5 is only just beginning. We are anticipating a pretty long and hard grieving period for Edric, we know he’s coming home to his forever family, but he doesn’t know that yet, he’s leaving everything and everyone he has ever known. And so we are going to hunker down and figure this family thing out for a number of weeks or longer depending on how long it takes. We’ve all stepped back from commitments and are just going to take things pretty slow.

But we are just a few steps away to making Edric JoonSoo an Armstrong for good. And that is something we are very excited about.