Ladybugs in December

So I had promised not to make every post about a specific month, and I’ve included a couple this week that are not month specific, but here I am again.

This started out as a simple question while making lunch for the boys a couple of days ago. I was really planning on much of an answer because I was asking a 2 year old and I’ve learned you kind of just expect the unexpected with them. But with Christmas coming up and Clint and I figuring out what to get the boys based on what they liked (and Leighton had already told us clearly what he wanted) I thought I’d ask him. I wasn’t really sure he even was going to understand what I was asking or be able to give me an answer. However the conversation went as follows…

“Caedmon, what do you want for Christmas?”

“A ladybug” (but spoken in a two year old voice- so it was more of – “a wadeybug”)

“Um, a ladybug?”


Here’s where I kind of paused. I had been planning on getting an unexpected answer but this was not the unexpected answer I had envisioned.

Luckily (or something), Leighton who is nearly 5 1/2 and clearly bursting with knowledge about everything, decided to fill me in more, “He wants a ladybug that will crawl on him and that he can pick up and carry around like the ladybugs we play with outside.”

So thankful that I have a translator/explainer for everything. In my mind I was recalling the last time we pulled ladybugs off the plants outside to look at, Caedmon screamed at one, giggled as another crawled on him and promptly squished the third one in his fingers. Added to that, normally (clearly not this week as it was 65 the other day) December and January are cold and not real conducive to ladybugs in Colorado.

A day or so later I asked Caedmon again, just to clarify and he again clearly stated “a wadeybug”.

And so I’ve begun my hunt (aka searched Amazon) for wadeybugs that will survive winters in Colorado and 2 years old with fingers that like to squish.

(by the way, there is such a thing! Someone somewhere makes “ladybug farms” which are enclosed (to keep squishy fingers out) little cages that you can send off for ladybug larvae that then you can watch grow into ladybugs and then release them into your garden-here’s the link incase you need to buy “wadeybugs” too