The Great Flood

When people think of Colorado, rain is not usually their first thought. Snow, sunshine, mountains usually come to mind. I think that’s because most years we are lucky to get 15 inches of rain, usually we average around 12. Last week we got 17 inches, most of it in one day. Needless to say the ground/rivers/lakes around here didn’t handle all that water so well.

We were very lucky, we didn’t have any flooding in our house, and the creek that goes by our neighborhood got very very high but did not damage any homes. The bike path took the brunt of the force in this area. As you can see below, this is a shot of the parking lot for the coal creek trail head that is right by our house (same place we took the coffee and granola bars to the police men mentioned in a previous post) Usually there is a parking lot there on the right side of the photo, and then a nice gravel bike path that goes by the little shelter, and then a small stream off to the very left. Right now it is more of a lake or large river with rapids flowing through the middle of it.


This shows the bike path in the other direction about ¼ of a mile, (that ¼ mile by the way is the only walkable part of the bike path in any direction for quite a ways). Usually on the right is a green open field with cows grazing and then there is a bridge over a small stream where we go crawdad fishing (also mentioned in a previous post ). Again it’s all gone.


We were really lucky. I work in Longmont which is a town just up the road and thousands of homes were destroyed and many more were left without power or drinkable water for days. Lyons which is just up the canyon from Longmont has been completely cut off from any traffic in or out. Farms were destroyed. People lost their livelihoods and some lost their lives. I was extremely lucky to walk away with only my bike path destroyed. Very humbling to think about.

I was kind of struck by how powerful water can be. I don’t usually think of it as being something so strong. Water is something I drink every day and shower with and have water fights with my boys with. I can contain it in a water bottle and use of it to do what I want usually. And yet enough water together literally changed and altered the land as it came in contact with it. One drop wouldn’t have made a difference, but many together literally shaped the earth. Water can be beautiful but it can also be scary.

When I think about my walk with God, it can be the same way. I can let little droplets in, church on Sunday, a little devotional reading here, some acts of service there, memorize a verse from time to time, or I can let the Spirit change and shape my very being and move in my life in such a way that I’m literally a different person. While it’s a lot safer and easier to keep it all contained, I miss out on the beauty and awesomeness of a life transformed. What will I choose today? It can shape my tomorrows.

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