Crawdad Fishing

When we bought our house 2 years ago I was excited that we were near the creek. We have used the bike path by it often for walks, runs and bike rides. We have a couple areas that we like to walk down to to throw rocks and sticks in. (what boy doesn’t like throwing rocks and sticks). However after talking to a neighbor a few weeks ago she mentioned that she and her boys like to go crawdad fishing. I hadn’t thought of that. The next time we were at the store we picked up a couple of little nets.

We set out this AM to go crawdad fishing. The path near the river just got expanded and so we headed down that part of it. We found a good area down by the bridge and after finding a couple of big sticks we were set to start fishing for crawdads. The water wasn’t too deep and it wasn’t moving all that fast. There were some little minnows swimming and our attempts to catch them quickly scared them far away. Both the boys looked very serious with their nets and sticks trying to find a crawdad.

crawdad 1

crawdad 2

I’m pretty sure despite their seriousness that neither one had any clue what an actual crawdad looked like. Nevertheless it kept them very happy and busy for quite awhile. I was pretty convinced that there were no crawdads in that part of the river, but then I was walking along the shore with Caedmon and he was banging the weeds in the river with his stick and I thought I saw something move. I quickly got down and looked, and sure enough there was a little crawdad now out in the open in the river. I borrowed one of the boys’ sticks and nets and quickly scooped up the little guy. I put him on the rock for the boys to look at.

crawdad 3

A short time later Caedmon thought it was a great idea to throw his net in the water. While Clint was fishing the net out of the water Caedmon got a little to close to the edge and Clint was then fishing him out of the water. He wasn’t too happy initially about having taken a swim, but after I walked up the path with him and we caught a dragon fly together he was happy. Sometimes it’s the little things.

We had a great day, and I hope there are more adventures with crawdads and other creek living creatures to come. I have a feeling in the years to come, we will spend many hours, fishing, climbing, searching, and playing down at the creek.

crawdad 4

I found this written by someone else, I couldn’t put it any better, please read it if you get the chance.

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