Coppélia-1 Month Home!

On Sunday we celebrated Coppélia being home 1 month. I feel like we are only just beginning to scratch the surface at getting to know her. Just as each child is different, each… Continue reading

Double And Trouble….

That’s what I’ve started calling them. Not sure who is Double and who is Trouble, but they kind of go together and so it’s a group name. Honestly though, I have a whole… Continue reading

Adventures In Gardening…

When we moved I had to leave behind my flower garden and my vegetable garden that I have spent the past 6 years developing. Luckily there is a lot of landscaping already done… Continue reading

A Moment In Time…

This past weekend was dance recital weekend. As I think I’ve mentioned in the past Caedmon has fallen in love with dancing and loves his weekly ballet/tap class. We have been so fortunate… Continue reading

On This Mothers Day….

I realize as I look around my little (ok BIG) family that we don’t in many ways fit the picture of a typical family. And while I am mom to all 5 of… Continue reading

Barn Cats….

With moving to the country we knew that mice and other critters might be an issue, especially since our house is surrounded by fields. And since moving we have seen at least one… Continue reading

Bolder Bouldering Along…

Memorial Day 2017 is almost here which means it is almost time for America’s favorite race, the Bolder Boulder. This is the 38th year that the Memorial Day Bolder Boulder has been run… Continue reading

Settling In…Kind Of….

We are getting settled. Slowly. Moving is never easy, but we had an awesome life group that pitched in in the snow storm to load us up and unload everything into our new… Continue reading

Paxton-1 Month Home!

Wow! This first month seems to have flown by. But it has been a month since Paxton joined our family! It has been fun to get to know him and discover who this… Continue reading

And We’re Moving….

Uh yeah….because adding two children to our lives in less than a month hasn’t been stressful enough (throw in 3 trips 1/2 way around the world in 10 weeks just for fun) we… Continue reading

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