Yellowstone Day 3

We ventured way north for day 3 of our time in Yellowstone. Mammoth Springs was our goal and after an early start and a few stops along the way to look at bears we made it into Mammoth. None of the bears were close and many friendly people let us look in their high powered […]


Yellowstone Day 2

 Geysers, geysers, and more geysers. This was our geyser day in case you couldn’t tell. (WARNING A TON OF PHOTOS AHEAD, but I’ve narrowed it down from the 160 i took that day….) We loaded the boys up early from the cabin and started driving to Old Faithful. We made good time and pulled into […]


Yellowstone Day 1

We had the awesome opportunity to spend a week in Yellowstone at the beginning of June (maybe that’s why I’ve been so lax on blogging this month, still in vacation mode). We had a great time, and while I could fill the blog with the 700+ photos I took, I will attempt to limit it […]