Planting 101 week 4

  How is everyone doing? I’m having some successes and some not so much. I ended up replanting the tomatoes that froze because I left the window open last week, but nothing has come up yet. I did replant my broccoli and they seem to be doing ok. I had started with 9 broccoli plants […]


Week 1 sprouts

So I’ve unofficially made Monday’s my planting/gardening day to post. Don’t hold me to that because nothing has been real official on this blog. But since its the third week in a row then we’ll go with it for now. How is everyone doing? Don’t worry if you are late getting things planted, in the […]


Gardening 101

First off in no way do I have this gardening thing figured out. I have had some great successes, but I have also had some dismal failures (should we even mention the Home Depot flower towers that their commercials last year made look amazing? yeah mine looked nothing like that…AT ALL). However a number of […]