“Thank you” or “Gracias” or “감사합니다 (kam-sa-ha-mni-da)”

While driving with Leighton earlier today we were talking about how to say “thank you”. His preschool class has been learning basic Spanish. The conversation went a little like this-


“Mommy I know how to speak Spanish”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, I say, “Gracias” and that means thank you in Spanish”

“That’s right Leighton”

“Yeah, so now I know how to speak Spanish”

“Well there might be some more words that you should learn before you say that you speak Spanish”



That every present “why” question when speaking with a preschooler.

So then we started talking about Edric knowing Korean when he comes home from Korea. Granted I know he will likely only be 2 and not speaking much at all, but that was not the point of our conversation. I told Leighton that in Korea they say “Kam-sa-ha-mni-da” to say “thank you”. (I just snuck in Korean Lesson #2 in case you weren’t paying attention).

Leighton got quiet for a minute in his car seat and then said “Mommy, why doesn’t Edric just speak Spanish?”

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